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Flin Flon Skating Club - Skater's Code of Conduct

Club members will always show respect for themselves, other Skate Canada members, and the Club by behaving in a fashion that shows discipline, good sportsmanship, and a positive attitude.

Skating is an individual sport, but the experience and one's performance can be greatly enhanced if a skater is also a participating member of a Club or a team. Each skater should commit themselves to being a supportive team member. If everyone supports each other, each skater will not only enjoy the experience more, but they will perform at a higher level. Each skater shall demonstrate behaviours that promote teambuilding.  A good team person:

  • Works hard
  • Sets a good example
  • Does their best
  • Supports & encourages
  • Is always positive
  • Talks positively to and about teammates
  • Gives respect
  • Is responsible
  • Is reliable
  • Listens to the Coach
  • Cooperates
  • Plays fair


Proper dress codes must be followed for practices, exhibitions and competition and Test Day.

If a skater has a total of two unexplained lesson absences or four late arrivals to practice, a phone call will be placed to the parents.

Skaters shall respect curfews set by the coach regarding Test Day & competition.

Skaters shall abide by the following rink and ice rules:

  • Close doors
  • No littering in rink
  • Lock dressing room
  • No eating in dressing rooms
  • Ask to leave the ice
  • No cell phones on ice or in the players boxes during sessions
  • No friends on ice, in the players boxes, dressing rooms or music room/Club office
  • No video, or pictures, in dressing rooms
  • Close rink gates
  • No chewing gum
  • No eating food on the ice
  • Stay clear of solo skater
  • Keep your eyes open
  • No fooling around

Consumption of alcohol or use of non-medical drugs or smoking during practice, exhibitions or competition will be grounds for dismissal as a skater.

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